Designers of modern home decor and residential & commercial spaces

Team M3LD



M3LD is what happens when three friends choose to combine their penchant for modernism with the audacity to believe that their designs could improve communities.

More than just a group of friends, M3LD is a team of people who have design in their bones and a shared commitment to making outstanding design available to everyone. 


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Andrea Beecher


Is our destiny imprinted in our childhood? A scan of Andrea Beecher’s life may yield some answers. After all, a trifecta of touchstones – the allure of creation, the spark of friendship and the freedom of living life unfettered – have shaped Andrea’s life since youth. Since she was old enough to identify the color of the wallpaper in her bedroom, Andrea designed. When other kids asked Santa for Transformers, she begged for new curtains and a coordinating bedspread. And when other kids eked out an allowance, 11-year-old Andrea began her first business – with a friend, of course! Since then, Andrea has let the dual muses of design and entrepreneurship take hold. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree in interior design, she dove into a high-profile career as a visual merchandiser and district visual manager for a slate of retailers, most notably Forever 21. Despite fulfilling her need to create, Andrea’s thirst for interior design as well as designing her own destiny couldn’t be quenched, so she took action. In 2010, she helped create the design division of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, a boutique real estate and design firm based in Salt Lake City, building the residential and commercial design and staging firm from the ground up. Andrea quickly earned a reputation for creating spaces that elevate and inspire, and developed a following, which she parlayed in 2014 into the launch of M3LD, along with her friend and design cohort, Brian Garrett. In addition to her two business partners, Andrea also shares life’s adventures with her husband, fellow creative Daniel.

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Jason Frederick



The early bird may catch the worm but only the soul of an entrepreneur knows how to turn one into a coveted product. Selling night crawlers to fishing stores in small-town Wyoming may seem like a world apart from directing the product development of iconic brutalist-themed home furnishings and décor, but it’s how Jason Frederick learned the art of producing things that satisfy a need when he was 11 years old. In high school, Jason traded Wyoming worms for Aspen burl, painting landscapes on slabs and selling his handicraft to Jackson-area souvenir shops. 

Even before graduating college, Jason applied his study of business management with an emphasis in hospitality management – and a minor in art, natch – to fashioning picture frames out of barn wood, hand-wrapping mats and festooning barn-wood cutouts of western animals, all of which he sold to local souvenir shops. He pursued product management professionally for two decades at companies such as Franklin Covey and Stampin’Up!  before joining M3LD in 2013, where all that time spent whirling burl as a youth makes a difference. Jason’s responsibilities at M3LD take him on sojourns to source quality materials and ensure production integrity so clients experiences exceed their expectations. He may have left the worms to sell themselves, but he still embraces outdoor adventures. Jason and his husband of nearly two decades, Rich, head to all parts of Utah and beyond in their restored 1978 Airstream Travel Trailer, often road-tripping with rescued greyhounds. Beyond the creation of design, Jason also cherishes the creation of his family. He and Rich are proud parents of Caeldton, a U.S. Navy sailor, and Rieley, who is venturing out in the world to study sociology in college.

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Brian Garrett


Some things defy description; they only can be experienced – like stroking the curved dashboard of a storied Saab or stumbling upon a Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier in a vintage shop. Such vignettes about Brian Garrett’s favorite things define his approach to design and inform his purview at M3LD. The Salt Lake City native became immersed in the study of design through observation, cultivated early in his career as a visual merchandising manager with Nordstrom, including a high-octane stint at Nordstrom Ebar. But it wasn’t until a leadership role with By Design that he began to form the model of what would become M3LD. There, he met Andrea Beecher, and the pair launched their first venture, called Esque in 2013 creating modern accent pillows and selling them at local flea markets. That seedling concept sprouted his passion for entrepreneurship and cemented his belief that all of life’s journeys should be embarked upon with trusted friends. 

This philosophy fires up how Brian approaches his relationship with the M3LD community, whom he views less as clients and buyers and more as confidants and adventurers. As a result, he attracts people who also appreciate the road less traveled and design freed from conformity. Together with his long-term partner and Agnes, their gentle and friendly Black-coated Great Dane, Brian hosts an annual fundraising brunch in connection with the Utah Pride Festival to benefit local nonprofits, including the VOA Youth Resource Center for Homeless & At-risk Teens.